Why Work With Us

Safety. Sustainability. Superb Service.

Why work with us? There are a million reasons why, but we’ll boil them down to the 3 things most important to our business and to every team member are: Safety, Sustainability, and Superb Service. Consequently, TFM business orientates itself around these 3 core values and allows us to be leading demolition experts, not only because of our skills but also because of our values. So why work with us? Because – to put it bluntly – we’re the best.

Being one of the leading companies in our field does not just magically happen! Here at TFM, we work hard to ensure that all of our team are trained to the highest possible degree. This means we frequently undertake refreshment training & development and employ a range of professionals to ensure that our team are up to date with all of the newest relevant training and regulations. In this industry, legislation & regulations are constantly being updated as we strive for a more responsible and environmentally conscious means of working. At TFM, we wholeheartedly support this move towards a more sustainable future and are constantly striving to be at the forefront of innovation and creation, so we can pass on our expertise to all of the industries that we end up working with. Therefore we prioritise training & development for all of our team members.

We believe that a well-trained team can provide:

Better Quality

By being trained to the highest level, and constantly developing our skills, we believe that this makes our work the best quality out there.

The safest solutions

Health & Safety runs through everything we do, but guidance is constantly being updated to ensure that we can provide safer solutions to our team and the community that we work within.

A confident team

Our team is confident that their knowledge is top-tier and as up to date as possible. This gives them an edge when it comes to finding effective solutions for your company’s projects.

Efficient Project Management

As all of our team is kept to a high standard of training and development, we know that we are all on the same page. This ensures that our standards are withheld from start to finish, and weaved throughout every project that we manage and complete. Efficiency in our field often means cost-effective too, which is easiest with a team as well-developed as ours.


Customer Satisfaction


Completed On Time


Projects Completed In Budget


Repeat Customers