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Here at TFM, we are constantly updating and renewing our training & development as new standards and updates to practices come into our sector. It falls under our 3 core values of TFM Business: Safety. However, it also contributes to our 3rd value – Superb Service. Our safe, highly-trained, well-educated team allows us to finish jobs to the highest possible standard in both safety and expectations. As a result of our rigorous training and development program, we can ensure:

• 100% compliance of all health and safety standards – often going above and beyond to ensure the safety of our projects and to protect our team.

• A developed, motivated and educated workforce, which ensures each job – no matter the size – always meets our high expectations.

• Premium Quality on every job we undertake.

If you are interested in joining our team or developing your training, please visit the careers section here.


We also have excellent links with local colleges and often undertake interns and apprentices. TFM is regularly approached by colleges to take on prospective interns and apprentices as our high-quality training program ensures that they excel. Many of which go on to join our team under full-time employment.

If you would like more information on our careers and career development, please see our Careers section, where you can also find information on Apprentices, Internships and Graduates.

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Our training & development not only covers the fundamentals laid out by the government, but it also reflects our core values. If you are looking for a responsible, highly-skilled company with years of experience in demolition and construction in Liverpool – why not get in touch? Let our TFM team of trusted professionals help find your perfect solution.

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