TFM Business

Safety. Sustainability. Superb Service.

When it comes to TFM Business, the 3 things most important to our business and every team member are these: Safety, Sustainability, and Superb Service. Consequently, TFM business orients itself around these 3 core values and allows us to be leading demolition experts, not only because of our skills but also because of our values.


Health and Safety is woven throughout everything we do here at TFM Business. Although these days you would be hard-pressed to find a legitimate demolition company that does not adhere to health and safety standards, TFM is set apart by going above and beyond. All of our team, apprentices and interns are all constantly receiving revised training to keep them at the forefront of health and safety. We adhere to all the standards provided by HSE and ARCA.

For more information about Health and Safety priorities, please visit the Health and Safety section. You can also read more about our training and development here.

Superb Service

Our track record speaks for itself, as our clients regularly recommend us and return to us for other services. Word of mouth is largely how we have gained such a comprehensive client base over the years as building and maintaining relationships is central to our business ethos.
Not only are we committed to providing superb service to our clients, but also to the wider communities that we work within. Consequently, our teams are regularly complimented in the feedback we receive from the communities we work in, which is paramount to us as an organisation. If you are interested in the elite quality of our services, please read our Quality Control Statement here.


Construction and demolition projects are not something that just affects the here and now – it affects the future. With that in mind, we keep sustainability at the heart of every service we undertake. From working with local communities to ensure their concerns are met, to disposing of waste ethically and responsibly ensures that the work we carry out today always enables a better tomorrow.

For more information on our environmental policy, please visit our Environmental Policies section.