Bristol Demolition

24/7 Emergency Hotline 0800 448 0196

We have gained over 30 years experience as a demolition company in Bristol. Above all we pride ourselves on providing the highest possible standard of service. As a result we have been a staple part in the Regeneration of Bristol over the years and we hope to continue for may more years to come. We have completed many large strip out and demolition projects throughout Bristol establishing ourselves as the most reliable demolition company in Bristol.

Health and Safety is at the core of what we do. As Demolition can be such a dangerous trade, therefore we ensure that we stick to all HSE regulations religiously. This is a must on any projects that we carry out. Bristol is a city, that is booming and we pride ourselves in being a part of that.

The expansion in the size of the projects has likewise required us to become better equipped as a demolition company to carry out the work, therefore we have expanded to accommodate the ever growing demand for demolition companies in Bristol. Subsequently we have now got a wide range of plant and machinery to assist in what we do. No project is to big or small for TFM as we have excavators ranging from below 1 ton up to a 45 ton Hitachi High Reach which can be seen in action throughout our gallery.


Firstly we provide a 24/7 Emergency Hotline which is 0800 448 0196 for Emergency Demolition in Bristol. Secondly whether it be fire damage, weather damage or a structural collapse our team of experts are on call out day or night as we aim to provide a rapid response system. Thirdly as a Bristol demolition company we carry out to emergency demolition projects in Bristol on a regular basis. With our 28m High Reach and machines ranging from 50 tonnes down to 1 ton in conclusion we can undertake any project no matter how big or small.

Bristol Demolition


Coupled with emergency demolition, top down demolition is one of our specialities. When it comes to the process of demolishing a building we pre plan every step of the way with our tailored Risk Assessments and Method Statements. Above all this sets us apart from the other Bristol demolition companies. we have always been completed them with no issues and to the highest standard. For this reason we have consequently undertaken numerous large projects throughout Bristol.

Bristol Demolition


On the other hand not every job can be completed in the standard method of demolition i.e. with a manually controlled excavator. As a result we have invested in robotic excavators. Robotic diggers or in other words BROKKs are perfect for accessibility in city’s like Bristol for instance, for internal demolition due to their lightweight and small size. To clarify this method of demolition also takes the risk away from our driver if there was an accident for instance if the machine overturned or the floor collapsed. We have highly skilled professionals with years of experience behind operating their BROKK’s and always provide excellent service throughout Bristol.

Bristol Demolition


We have earned a name for being the most efficient soft strip team in the game. Throughout Bristol we have conducted and executed numerous projects. All of which we have completed within the agreed time frame to the highest possible standard. Our team of CCDO Refurbishment and Demolition operatives have many years of experience between them. As a result all of which combined creates the perfect balance. Bristol has been a key area to us, therefore we look to continue our work to help Bristol keep moving forward.

Bristol Demolition