TFM is highly experienced in the careful dismantling of the plant, equipment, and structures for re-installation and/or disposal, including redundant chimney stacks, industrial/commercial process equipment, and site decommissioning. We can provide bespoke dismantling services to best suit your requirements.

Dismantling is often beneficial as it permits the recovery of assets, enabling the materials to then be recycled, re-used or sold to offset the client’s costs. The scope of dismantling projects carried out by TFM Demolition includes but is not limited to:

  • Structural Steel Framed Refining/Processing Plant
  • Structural Steel Framed Pharmaceutical/Chemical Equipment
  • Coal Mining Equipment
  • Factory Manufacturing Equipment
  • Storage Tanks & Silos
  • Structural Steel Framed Pedestrian Suspension and Rail Bridges

Furthermore, TFM can also give assistance and guidance on the re-sale of machinery and equipment. Due to our large database of potential buyers, we could help reduce costs and ensure an efficient sale is reached. Please get in touch if you require assistance with any re-sales.

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TFM is committed to the responsible disposal of all dismantling and soft strip demolition projects as outlined in our environmental statement. Our environmental statement not only covers the fundamentals laid out by the government, but it also reflects our core values. If you are looking for a responsible, environmentally conscious company with years of experience in demolition and construction in Liverpool – why not get in touch? Let our TFM team of trusted professionals help find your perfect solution.


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