Bridge Demolition

When undertaking bride demolition, you can trust TFM to ensure that the job is undertaken in the safest possible manner. Due to the impact bridge demolition can have on the local community, it is of paramount importance to ensure that safe demolition is undertaken. At TFM we pride ourselves on the safety levels of all of our projects, and bridge demolition is no exception to this.

The TFM team employees highly skilled engineers who make bridge demolition solutions as efficient and safe as possible. TFM has a plethora of experience in bridge demolition including the demolition of highway bridges, over-river bridges, pedestrian walkway bridges, indoor commercial bridges, and many more.

What sets us apart?

Efficiency Training

To regularly provide up to date ongoing training. Therefore ensuring that all staff are familiar with relevant processes, procedures, and legislation and are aware of the environmental significance of what they do.

Environmental Advice

We want to improve environmental awareness and performance throughout the industries with which we work. Consequently, we endeavour to provide clear advice, guidance and practical assistance to customers on how to proceed with projects in the most environmentally friendly manner possible.

Constantly Improving

As an absolute priority, to always seek to maximise the percentage and range of waste that we recycle. We currently dispose of all waste as responsibly as possible and also run Architectural Salvage services in an endeavor to reuse and repurpose everything possible.

Green Assistance

To improve environmental awareness and performance of each of the industries with which we work by providing practical assistance to customers seeking to ‘green’ their waste management procedures.

Need a Bridge Demolition Specialist?

TFM always holds itself to the highest possible standards, as is reflected in our core values. With Bridge Demolition, you can expect professional standards in all aspects of our work. If you are looking for a responsible, environmentally conscious company with years of experience in demolition and construction in the UK and Channel Islands – why not get in touch? Let our TFM team of trusted professionals help find your perfect solution.


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